Message: Ekklesia

Speaker: Tim Bounds

Service Date: March 19, 2023 Plain Print Version

This has been quite a journey as we see the beginnings of the Church. We've seen that this is not a brand new religion that is starting, it is a continuation and fulfillment as Jewish people recognize that the Messiah has indeed come. Now we see Gentiles being invited into the story. As they try to figure out what this looks like, it gets messy. But all along we see God working and growing His Church and His people try their best to keep up.


     -What have you learned about the beginnings of the Church so far in this series?

     -God continues to move and invites us into the story just as He did the early Church to spread this very good news.

     -How were you invited into this great story of God with mankind? If you are still seeking and asking questions, what has led to you being on this             journey? Who has God used in your life to draw you to Jesus?

Read Acts 16:6-10

Scriptures does not tell us how the Holy Spirit communicated with Paul. Somehow Paul understood what God wanted him to do and where He wanted him to go. Paul was seeking divine guidance and looking for the Holy Spirit for direction.


     -How do you see God communicating with His people today?

     -Do you have personal experience of receiving divine guidance from the Holy Spirit?

If you are new to this journey of following Jesus, find someone who has been following Jesus for a long time. Ask them how the Holy Spirit as guided, comforted, challenged, and given divine wisdom. 

Read Acts 16:11-15


     -Discuss the important role Lydia played in the early church.

     -How can we, like Lydia, play and important role as the Church of Jesus continues to grow and spread this good news?