Message: Experiencing Grace

Speaker: Greg Holder

Service Date: September 17, 2023 Plain Print Version

Read: Psalm 139:1, Deuteronomy 6:4-5, 1 John 4:10, Matthew 11:28-30, Mark 12:28-34


1. When was the last time you experienced awe?  What happened?  

2. How do you react to the fact that God knows everything about you? (Psalm 139:1).   What about the fact that He loves all of you?

3. Scot McKnight wrote: "...surrendering is the secret to every genuine love, and surrendering our hearts and souls to God (by following Jesus) unleashes our personalities to become what they are really meant to be."  What do you make of that?  

4. What habits have helped you?  Which ones have fallen out of the habit of doing?  Which ones hurt you?

5. Are you generous with your time? What can you do to be more intentional about your calendar this week?


Listen to "How Great Thou Art" as a group or on your own.  Which words resonate with you the most?

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"Surrendering ourselves to love God is not giving up things for God so much as giving ourselves to God."
Scot McKnight