Message: Learning to Grieve

Speaker: Greg Holder

Service Date: February 21, 2021 Plain Print Version

"When you turn to Him, you don't get an answer, but a Person."
Greg Holder


Lamentations 3:20-24 Psalm 34:18 John 11:1-44 John 19:25-27


Talking about grief and loss is hard. We often want to avoid it, but if we can lean in to God and to one another, we can experience something very profound. 1. Sometimes we get stuck when we compare our losses in life, deeming them either more severe or less severe than someone else's. But this just robs us of admitting our grief aloud. Have you ever found yourself stuck like that before? What was the loss you've avoided sharing? 2. Who has the "prayer voice" in your family? Have you ever felt challenged to pray raw prayers? 3. One of the most difficult temptations in our society is to numb ourselves out when grief is overwhelming, whether through media or food or even exercise. Some people find themselves more susceptible to addictions. How has grief caused you at times to try to avoid things or numb your feelings? 4. Reflect on Lamentations 3:20-24. What do you notice about Jeremiah's language, and how he speaks to God?


There is no formula for healthy grieving. But these are wise, biblical steps that can help immensely. 1. Admit your grief 2. Pray raw prayers 3. Lean in while you wait 4. God leans into us 5. Stay involved with God and others.

Go Deeper

Consider Jesus' encounter with Mary and Martha in John 11:1-44. How does Jesus respond to their grief? How does Jesus respond to death? What resonates with you most in this passage?