Explorations Online

Jul 24 | 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Explorations Online - Monday 7PM’S registration closed on Wednesday, July 19, 2023

A 6-week online class to explore your faith and ask the questions you thought you couldn’t ask in church.

Our online class requires a webcam on a computer or tablet and a reliable internet/Wi-Fi connection. It is possible to use a phone, but not ideal to maximize your experience and participation. Your facilitator will host each session with a Zoom meeting.

We all have questions about God. In fact, this is how we were designed. Explorations helps us demystify the foundations of the Christian faith. It is designed for skeptics, seekers, new believers, and long-time followers of Jesus. So, that doubt that’s been burning inside of you that you’re not quite sure how to articulate or that disbelief you have that you don’t want to say out loud is welcome here. We are not afraid of questions because God is not afraid of questions.

Join us as we dig through all the big questions about:

  • World Religions
  • Sin
  • Grace
  • The Bible
  • Baptism
  • Jesus
  • Any other faith questions you may have

Explorations is open to adults and high school students.

$10 covers all class resources.