We Work Hard.
We Love Jesus.
We Laugh A lot.

If you're interested in working at The Crossing, there are a few things you'll want to know about our church and our culture. So, do your homework on us first. Then apply for a position that fits you. 

We look for teammates who are passionate and driven, who can live out healthy community while bringing their own unique gifts and talents to work for our church. As we consider candidates, we look through five basic grids (and they all just happen to start with "C"). Yes, we're clever like that.


Before You Apply

As you begin the process of figuring out what it might be like to work at The Crossing, here are a couple important steps to take. By the way, this is that homework we were referring to earlier.

1. Read our Statement of Faith.
2. Check out Dinner At The Crossing.
3. Watch a couple of our services.

Ready to Apply?

Check out our current job postings.

Feel free to drop us a line with any employment questions.