Set up, run games, and serve food to families at Walbridge STEAM Academy.

We'll have a gym full of fun activities and we will invite families to play along with us! We'll also help serve dinner in the cafeteria.

As a reminder, because we will be working with kids, you must have a current background check with The Crossing. Not sure if you do? No worries. If we need you to complete one, you will automatically be receiving an email from a third-party system called Checkr to enter your information into a completely secure form online. The email will come from no-reply@checkr.com with the subject line “Action required- The Crossing needs more information for your background check.” We recommend you follow this link and promptly enter all required information as Checkr will email you daily to remind you until it is completed.

This is a great opportunity for families to serve together. To join any day without a parent, you must be 16+ and have your parent fill out this consent form and return it to outreach@thecrossing.church.