About AC

For those of us who participate in Advent Conspiracy, Christmas looks a little bit different. We’re conspiring to restore the beauty of Christmas by worshiping Jesus through compassion instead of consumption.

We live out Advent Conspiracy in four ways:

  1. WORSHIP FULLY because Christmas starts and ends with Jesus.
  2. SPEND LESS on unwanted and unneeded gifts.
  3. GIVE MORE personal and relational gifts.
  4. LOVE ALL by serving others.

Giving > Gifting

At the Crossing, one of the ways we LOVE ALL at Christmas is by giving clean water in the name of Jesus to those in need around the world.

Did you know that the lack of clean water causes more deaths per year than anything else?

So, a whole bunch of us are finding ways to cut back on unnecessary Christmas spending and, instead, giving relational gifts or something handmade. Then, we’re donating some of that money we saved during the Christmas offering to help drill clean water wells around the world.

In fact, all of the money collected during offering at our Christmas services goes to help people outside the four walls of our church.

Why? Because GIVING is way more fulfilling than just GIFTING. And it points back to the real reason we celebrate this time of year—Jesus. For us, this season starts and ends with Him.


advent devotionals

One way we can have a more worship-filled season is by setting aside time each day to read Scripture and pray. Follow these Advent devotionals, written for you by our pastors, to help prepare your heart for Christmas.

Be Inspired

Here are a whole bunch of unique ways that you can celebrate Christmas the AC-way. Use some of these or come up with your own!

Make the Nativity Scene more than decoration – read the Christmas story as you put the pieces in place.

Opt for a digital Christmas card instead; donate the money you save or use it in another creative way.

Host a Christmas movie marathon with family, friends or neighbors.

Donate to Living Water International or other non-profit that you’re passionate about.

Rather than buying gifts for everyone in the family, plan a gift exchange. Set a price limit and draw names out of a hat.

Go Christmas caroling at a local retirement home.

Before opening gifts on Christmas morning, pray together as a family and thank God for the gift of His Son and all that He has given us.

Give relational gifts with a fun invite. Wrap boxed candy with a note inviting them to a movie, or wrap plastic utensils and write a dinner invitation on a napkin or paper plate.

Check back for more resources throughout the Advent season