Help Refugees From Afghanistan

Our hearts are breaking over the crisis in Afghanistan. One of our local partners, Oasis International, are experts at supporting refugees and are guiding us in some very tangible ways that we can help our new neighbors resettles as they escape atrocities.

While St. Louis is said to have a possibility of 1,000 Afghan people resettle here, their arrival will occur in waves over the next several months, starting with about 5 families who arrived last week.

Of course, our question for Oasis was, how can our church family help? Here’s what they asked us to focus on.

Cell phones – to call their loved ones and help with establishing a life here
Cars – to get to jobs that have been secured for many of them already
Gas and Grocery Gift Cards – to ease the initial financial burden
So, would you consider helping us meet these needs? We know this is a big task, but if many of us, the people of God, work together as ONE, we know this is surmountable. We are looking for a few people, together with their small groups or through their businesses, who can purchase a used car for a family, a cell phone or two, or gift cards.

Use this link to see and sign up for the specific needs. If you choose one, please sign up in a slot so that we are able to keep track of what all is being provided and send you the specific information you will need. Your donation will only be seen by a handful of Crossing staff who are managing the logistics and will not be shared with anyone. After you sign up, you will receive an email with more specific instructions on how to do what you have signed up for.

Questions? Contact