Prayer Resources

As each of us tries to make sense of things and begin creating a new rhythm to life, our hearts and minds, patience and stamina will all be tested. In fact, they already are. And while this pandemic has altered much of life as we have known it is the first of its kind that we have faced, the truth is this doesn’t throw God for a loop. In fact, God thrives in times that seem uncertain to us. Even just a cursory look at Scripture assures us that God is control. No matter how hopeless things seem to get, God is there. From Genesis to Revelation - God is there, in control. In the darkest of nights – God is there, in control. At the end of the end it’s Jesus that gets the last word. So let’s cling to the hope that He provides.

We want to resource you well as you seek our God through prayer. There are many different ways to do this, and there are many resources available, so this is not an exhaustive list. But hopefully you can find some ideas and maybe even guidance in your prayer life.

Messages on Prayer

Here are some past weekends that were focused on prayer. You might find some time to watch them with fresh eyes and a fresh heart.


Did you know that we have an online bookstore? You can order online and have books delivered to your house. (Use code ORD20 right now for 20% off your shipped order.) Here are a couple of options to read about prayer.

Pray for People

And let’s not forget to focus our prayers on people! I’m sure you can think of a whole bunch of people that could use our prayers, whether it’s the people directly involved with the crisis like our healthcare professionals and first responders, as well as those most susceptible to contracting the virus.

We can also pray for our friends who will feel the most financial strain as a result of not being able to work. Or maybe we pray for our churches in the region and around the country who will feel the budgets tighten up.

Let’s pray for our leaders – church, city, state, nation and world – as they try to lead us all through these uncharted waters.

Parents will need our prayers as well as they navigate trying to work from home and at the same time making sure their children don’t slip too far in school work.

We can pray for millennials. What an important generation for our country, and they are now taking the lead in caring for and shaping our communities.

And finally, let's pray that in the midst of all of this, that we don’t become blind to how God is working. May we open our eyes and our hearts to the unpredictable ways that God is moving into each and every life, each and every situation. May we share stories of how – even in the midst of a virus that has grabbed hold of the world – the God of all things is still in control and is still redeeming, renewing and restoring.

Prayer Requests

While we join together praying for others, please know that we want to pray for you as well. If there is anything we can pray for, please send a prayer request to our team. If you would like to talk to a pastor, please email We are all in this together and we would love the opportunity to pray with and for you.

Stay tuned as we try to continue to provide resources.