Red Tail Cadets

Reigniting the heroic legacy of young African-American pilots (Tuskegee Airman), the Red Tail Cadet Program (RTCP) seeks to enhance and transform the lives of at-risk youth through aviation education and career path opportunities, so that they may more positively impact their community. The RTCP offers a unique, premier aviation youth outreach program that enables youth to obtain pilot's licenses and start an aviation career path.

The Red Tail Cadet Program is a six-week, residential, immersive flight-training experience, designed to introduce students to the aviation industry and to develop their skills through classroom instruction, flight simulator training, in-aircraft flight training, financial literacy seminars, leadership training, and life-skills development, with the ultimate goal of setting them on the path towards a career in aviation.

Selected from a pool of applicants from the Ferguson-Florissant School District, the cadets are chosen based on their academic excellence, community involvement, and their aptitude for success in a rigorous aviation program.

The Latest

Sep 4, 2022

St Louis Post Dispatch Feature

We were honored to have Erin Heffernan and the St. Louis Post Dispatch tell the story of the Red Tails to the Greater St Louis area. Read the full article HERE.

Jul 26, 2022

Meet - Cadet Capt. Derreck Beal

Meet Cadet Captain Derreck Beal, graduate of the Red Tails Class #1.

Jul 25, 2022

Meet - Cadet Grace Ford

Meet Cadet Grace Ford from Red Tail Class #2.

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