After several months of prayer and preparation, we are excited to offer an option for worshiping in-person at each of our campuses. As we proceed with this next careful step back into gathering, we have redesigned our services to ensure that we’re honoring social distancing, adhering to county restrictions, and protecting each other well. We understand that some will feel that these measures are an overreaction and others will feel like they’re not enough. Thank you for your patience as we try to honor opinions of those on all sides of this issue, while seeking God’s wisdom on the best way forward for our church.

Because we understand that the majority of you will still be joining us from home, we will continue to put resources towards crafting unique and special worship experiences that are designed to engage those joining us through a screen, while also providing a sweet, holy experience in each of our rooms.

For those of you who will choose to join us in-person, we cannot wait to worship alongside you. But we also want to make sure you’re prepared for a different kind of worship experience.

Here are a few new things you can expect when attending in person:

  • Those interested in attending a service will need to make a reservation in advance. We know, that’s slightly inconvenient. However, this process will help ensure that we’re meeting guidelines for building capacities and social distancing. And yes, unfortunately that means we may not have space to accommodate everyone interested in attending. Hence, the importance of the reservation system. Wondering how to make your reservation? Scroll down to our FAQs.
  • For health and safety reasons our coffee bars, water fountains and The Corner Café at Chesterfield will remain closed. Please do not bring drinks to service with you. Because, well, have you ever tried drinking through a mask?
  • To allow for proper social distancing, every other row will be available for seating and we’ll ask you to leave two seats between you and those outside your party.
  • Masks must be worn by anyone over the age of five for the duration of the time you're in our buildings. We’ve already started practicing smiling with our eyes. Hope you are too.
  • As you walk up to any of our buildings, you’ll notice something new--welcome tents staffed by our Connection teams and pastoral staff. If you’d like to talk to a pastor after service or chat with someone about next steps at The Crossing, head to one of these tents before or after service.
  • Our facilities teams, decked out in new backpack sprayer systems, will be cleaning and disinfecting our auditoriums thoroughly between each service. And because that process takes about 20 minutes, we’ll need to ask you to finish up conversations and clear the auditoriums promptly after the service ends. But, don’t worry, if you’re hoping to connect with a pastor, you’ll find them at the welcome tents!
  • We have paused our plans to resume in-person KidsCrossing, so for now, parents of little ones, your kiddos will be sitting in the service with you. Hey, let’s call it “family worship.”
  • We also ask those visiting the Chesterfield auditorium to arrive 10 minutes before service begins since the room is our broadcast studio for the other campuses and online. Watch this video to see how the auditorium experience is different than pre-COVID.

Still have Q's? Here are a few that are frequently asked:

Reservations will go live each Monday at noon for the upcoming weekend at

For now, we are open for limited, socially-distanced services, but KidsCrossing will not yet be available. If you’re bringing kids along, please include the number of kids attending with you as they will be counted towards room capacities.

You’ll find a link in your confirmation email to cancel your reservation. If something comes up and you can’t attend the in-person service you reserved spots for, please take the time to cancel in order to open up those spots for someone else.

We hope that you’ll continue to worship with us from the safety of your home. Our teams are committed to continue to create engaging experiences for those joining us online.

We invite you to continue to give online at We have also installed receptacles in each building for those who’d prefer to drop their gift there. As for communion, we will be holding special online communion experiences during the week. Watch for more info in Newsflash emails. If you don’t already receive those weekly emails from us, text NEWSFLASH to 48099 to sign up.

Our facilities team has done an exceptional job preparing to reopen our buildings and will continue to do so in the weeks and months ahead. Everything from installing foot-pulls on restroom doors to rearranging furniture in the lobbies conducive to social distancing. We will also be cleaning seats with hospital grade disinfectant after each service. And, high-touch surfaces and restrooms will be disinfected before, during and after services. For your convenience, hand sanitizer will be readily available.

In addition, we’ve introduced new policies and safety checks for all of our staff and volunteers to ensure they don’t enter our buildings if they are experiencing Covid-like symptoms or if they have recently been in close contact with anyone who may have the virus.

Pastors will be available outside each entrance after the service. Please exit the building and find them under the tent. Remember to wear your mask and stay socially distanced. You can also reach a pastor by emailing

We are here to help! Email and we will be in touch soon.