YC At Home

We have moved our weekly YouthCrossing gatherings online as part of the effort to contain COVID-19. We know to some this may feel like an over-reaction, but after prayerful consideration, we feel that it is the wisest course of action. We also know many of our students are dealing with feelings of fear, confusion, disappointment, and uncertainty as a result of all that is happening with COVID-19, and that as parents, you are in the midst of helping them navigate all of this.

With that in mind, we will be hosting a live online YouthCrossing Experience each Wednesday at 6:30pm on Instagram and Facebook to give our students a chance to connect, have a little fun and talk about all that’s been happening. We would love for you to encourage your child to join us.

Through all of this, let’s remember that God has not called us to a spirit of fear, and that we will always look to Jesus for hope.

Here are additional links to help parents talk to their kids: