For too long the Church has been known by what we’re against, rather than by what we’re for. -Jeff Henderson

We want St. Louis to know that we are for them and that God is for them. And one of the ways we do this is through serving.

We’ll kick off this year’s ForTheLou serve week on July 27, as we roll up our sleeves and serve our neighbors in really practical and tangible ways. Join us!

ForTheLou: An Overview
Serve Like Jesus.
Know Your Neighbor.
Cross The Divide.
Commit to being #forthelou.

We are so excited you found a way to be For The Lou during this year’s serve week. We would love to hear all about your project. Would you take a couple minutes to tell us about it?

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Always For The Lou

We're For the Lou all year long. Check out the Outreach Calendar to see how you can get plugged in to our regular serving opportunities with our partners.

Reading Champion

Join our Reading Champion team to make a lasting relationship and lasting difference in a student's life. One hour each week during the school year.