We want to show St. Louis that we, The Crossing, are ForTheLou. We are for local businesses and restaurants. We are for our essential workers and educators and our wonderful friends in healthcare. And, we are for YOU. ForTheLou Serve Week 2022 is happening July 27-August 3. We are now accepting project submissions if you would like to lead a project with an organization that you’re passionate about.

What does it mean to be ForTheLou?
Serve like Jesus.
Know your neighbor.
Cross the divide.
Commit to being #forthelou.

Below are all kinds of opportunities for you to show up in your community. You can mix and match, get creative on your own, or follow this list in its entirety. Whatever you do, we want to celebrate with you, so be sure to TELL US how you are being ForTheLou.

ForTheLou: An Overview
Serve Like Jesus.
Know Your Neighbor.
Cross The Divide.
Commit to being #forthelou.

Make the Switch

Consider the businesses you interact with on a regular basis. Are they locally owned or franchised?

Invite Your Neighbors

Do you have a neighbor who may need some conversation or time with others?

Donate Blood

Organizations in our community are in need of life-giving donations.

Help A Student

Lift a financial burden for a student and their family.

Beautify the Area

When you're away from home, what can you leave more beautiful than how you found it?

Follow Businesses on Social

If you're on social anyway, show your support for your favorite local businesses.

Share the Load

While you travel, be aware of those around you who could use a helping hand.

Be a Business Prayer Partner

Choose your favorite local business and offer to pray for them.

Buy a Stranger's Meal

Offer to pay for a stranger’s meal.

Leave a Review

A free and easy way to support a great local business is with a positive review of your experience.

Pray in Public

Continue praying over your meals while you're on the go.

Thank Emergency Services

Take time to show appreciation to the people working at you local emergency services stations.

Learn For Your Neighbors

Are there people in your neighborhood or daily routine who speak a language, including sign language, different from your own?

Eat Local

Check out local businesses if you travel to a new town.

Get Creative with Cards

Shop for creative greetings cards from independent artisans.

Fund A School Project

Make a donation toward a local classroom or school project.

Create Kid Hygiene Kits

DIY a kit for kids served by Crisis Nursery.

Host Your Neighbors

Host your neighbors so everyone can get to know each other.

Support Movie Theaters

Choose a locally-owned theater for your next group event.

Host a Baby Products Drive

Collect needed items for expecting military moms through Operation Shower.

Bless Healthcare Professionals

Share some encouragement with medical workers near you.

Stay Local

When traveling, consider staying at a locally-owned hotel.

Serve Your Neighbors

What capabilities do you have that would be helpful to others?

Assist Families with Household Items

Help a family in need with some household basics through Helping Hand Me Downs.

Tip the Staff

Be generous with your tips and reward staff who may work behind the scenes.

Surprise the Staff

Treat the staff at your favorite small business or office.

Surprise Delivery Drivers

Leave a kind token for your delivery drivers.

Donate For A School

Tangibly help the students in your school district.

Serve through the Food Bank

Help the Food Bank distribute items needed all over the metro area.

Recognize Retail Employees

Give owners/managers positive feedback to let them know what their employees are doing well.

Leave Positive Notes Behind

Have exceptional service while you're on-the-go? Thank those who made it happen.

Read With Your Neighbors

Do you love to read? Share your love of books with your neighbors.

Support Local Families

Collect and donate items for local families to Circle of Concern in Valley Park.

Give For Your Neighbors

A food pantry nearby could use your support for your neighbors.

Leave Business Reviews

Reward businesses that provide a great experience!

Help with a Rehab Project

Do you enjoy construction type projects? Join R3 Development for a serve day.

Share With Your Neighbors

Gardeners can offer to share their abundance.

Host a Feminine Hygiene Products Drive

Support women and girls with needed supplies through Helping Hand Me Downs.

Pray for Educators

Pray for the teachers, staff and administrators of your local school.

Volunteer for Creation Care

Serve with one of our local conservation or parks organizations to preserve God's creation.

Donate to Animal Care

Help a local shelter provide for the animals in their care.

Serve a Local Organization

Choose your own organization and serve! Or let us help find a better fit for you.