KidsCrossing Anywhere

Reservations are no longer needed for KidsCrossing. We hope you'll join us this weekend!

Unable to visit KidsCrossing in person? We’ve got you covered. Your kids can continue to keep up with what’s happening in KidsCrossing through our on-demand programming. Every week new content is available along with creative ways for your child to daily grow in their faith.

You can find tools to encourage and equip you as you follow God’s command to help your child know, follow and trust Jesus. Parents have, by far, the greatest influence on their children and where you lead they will follow. The resources we provide are meant to help you intentionally leverage your family’s daily rhythms so that your kids begin to see how God works through it all.

Ready for your child to come back in person? We have implemented safety protocols for in-person services.

Twos & PreK

  • August 13-14

Elementary Students

Grades k-2nd

  • August 13-14

Grades 3rd - 5th

  • August 13-14


Here are additional resources to help you talk with your kids: